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Women Are Everywhere.

Think for just a moment about how many women you encounter on any given day. They are part of our family, colleagues, friends, and they are strangers.  You may be the mother of a daughter. Have a son? Then you encounter young girls at school while dropping him off a school. If you work, you may have women at every level from the security guard to the C suite. When you go to a store, there is likely a woman there that you interact with, even if it’s only to smile and nod. Do you ever walk down a street? It’s a safe bet there are women there, too. A mother, a cousin, a friend? Yup. Women are everywhere! And that is why opportunities for women to support women exist every day.

Group of Human Hands Holding TogetherWays and Why of Tribe

A female colleague’s idea being credited to her male counterpart. Opportunity. A little girl sitting alone on the playground. Opportunity. A young lady store clerk checking your groceries. Opportunity. A woman across the room with a cute haircut. Opportunity. Studies show that there are health and well-being benefits when women connect and support one another, and that we are an economic engine and are more likely to give back to our communities when we succeed financially. But these are just some of the “ways and whys” of how women can and should support women.

How Do YOU Tribe?

Some opportunities are as unconscious as how you conduct yourself, a kind smile, or a compliment. Other opportunities are as intentional as girl-time, mentoring, volunteering, or advocating. This week, we want to know how YOU support, or are supported, by women? What is your why when you reach out? What stories do you have about the ways you tribe? Submit a full story at our Your Stories, or share a tidbit, tip or brief description in the comments below, or post a picture to our Facebook, Instagram (@tribeofwomen), or Twitter (@tribeofwomen)!

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