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Our first two podcast episodes are ready for you to listen and we look forward to your feedback! We thought you may be wondering – who are these ladies and why would I want to “tribe talk” with them? So, we took a unique approach to launching our podcast and started with our “Origin Story”. 

Episode 1 – Who Believes in Tribes of Women?

In Episode 1, tribe teammate Laurie Marshall interviews founder Amy Robinson about how (and why) Tribe of Women came to be. Amy tells us about how she was inspired to take a stand against the acceptance of “mean girl” culture and dared imagine a world where all women support each other. Her story takes us from her early career and through corporate culture to her entrepreneurial journey that took her to Pakistan where she met the women that would help her test her theory that women supporting one another makes a difference in our individual lives, and the world. She took the TEDx stage soon after, declaring “I believe in tribes of women.” She thought she was preaching to the choir and that life could go back to “normal” afterward,  but when she stepped off the stage she discovered that, not only was there a call for a movement, those asking for it were the last she expected.

Episode 2 – The Making of a Movement

Episode 2 is Part 2 of the Tribe of Women “origin story”, where Amy and Laurie discuss the winding road of starting a movement and how she was compelled to take on the role of “leader”. They talk about how the merging of “my tribe, your tribe, and the tribe” makes us stronger, and the evolution of a Tribe Talk conversation through Amy’s year of listening. They cover the fundamentals of the “3 Pillars of Tribe” – I see you. I hear you. I feel you – and what it mean when we say we are addressing “Mean Girl Culture”. And why are “More Good Men” part of a movement about women supporting women? Finally, they share where Tribe of Women is now and ways to be part of THE Tribe on the journey to “what’s next.”BANNER TRIBE TALKPODCAST LOGO |

Both episodes are full of great conversation AND resources! These two episodes reference, TEDx Talk “I believe in tribes of women” by Amy Robinson, Fierce Conversations by Susan Scott, Tribes by Seth Godin, and Mending the Sisterhood by Susan Skog. 

What’s Up Next!?

So, guess who our Episode 3 and first interview guest will be? Tribe Talk will feature the one and only Karenann Terrell, CIO of Wal-Mart, on February 14th! She shares her experience, wisdom and what it means to stand on and be the shoulders for other women to stand. What a way to celebrate the day of love. We LOVE our tribe!

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If YOU Believe in Tribes of Women

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We’re so happy to be able to share the collective wisdom of the tribe through this podcast. We believe in tribes of women, and we’re so thankful that you believe too!

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