Mission, Vision, Values


We establish cultures of women supporting women and more good men in our personal and professional lives. We advance gender equity by building tribes of acceptance, connection and leadership. Through conversation, we evolve the dialogue, enhance awareness, and engage accountability about gender bias as to understand and move beyond the boundaries of ourselves and our societies, and positively experience the collective power and influence of women, together.


Tribe of Women is a world-wide culture of women supporting women, celebrating more good men, and existing in gender equity through acceptance, connection and powerful, empathic leadership as the human tribe.


Acceptance – Seeing and valuing ourselves and others, focus on our likenesses, and celebrating the contribution our differences make to the whole.

Connection – Reaching out, and reaching back, to bring in and share our stories and engage with empathy and grace.

Support – Creating an environment of safety and non-judgement to wholly explore, grow, and be ourselves.

Relationships – Appreciating, honoring, building, and understanding the many facets, ages, and stages of connection.

Gifts – Recognizing that we all have them, and learning how to accept them in ourselves, share them, and see them in others.

Curiosity – Being open to possibility and one another with interest, caring, questions, and the willingness to always go a level deeper.