TRIBE: Traditional society that consists of families or communities linked by common traits and interests that contribute individual skills, talents and voices to the common good of the group.

We are a community where we come together in the many ages and stages of our lives in a no-judgment zone where we share ourselves, break down barriers, and establish a culture of women supporting women. Together, we learn acceptance of ourselves and others, share our stories and build our tribes, and empower ourselves and each other to lead the way for all women to join THE tribe of women.

Tribe of Women began as a belief held by Amy Reeves Robinson, a business coach, speaker and facilitator.  In 2009, Amy wrote an essay for ThisIBelieve.org that, in the face of experiencing the rise and acceptance of “mean girl” culture  in everything from classrooms to board rooms, surprised her. “I believe in tribes of women.” was her 2014 TEDx talk. The talk became a calling, and the calling is now a movement to build cultures of women supporting women.

We believe that, “as women, our likenesses greatly outweigh our differences”, and when we reach out to, connect with, and lead ourselves and our sisters forward, the world is a better place.

We believe in tribes of women.

Do you?