What's this all about?

We believe that, as women, our likenesses greatly outweigh our differences. We are natural connectors and we thrive when we share our stories that lead to understanding and support of one another. Tribe of Women is a place to share those stories. It is a no-judgment zone where we can share ourselves, break down barriers and build a community of women supporting women. Join us!

Butterfly - Maya Angelou

What doesn’t suck?

I am guilty of inflicting the, “That sucks” bug into my family. Apparently, for the last few years, when my kids would tell me a story about something that didn’t go their way, or another childhood problem, my response has been, “That sucks.” It has been my “go to” mom phrase. You know the one. We all have at least…

15yr Journal

Turn the Page

I’m down to the last page in my journal. It’s only taken me 15 years to fill it. And full it is. There is nothing like a brand new journal and it’s blank pages waiting for you to document your pondering,  your perspective, your life. There is also nothing more intimidating. As a pre-teen, I tried starting journals 100 times. I…